Postal Stationery Search page

POSTAL STATIONERY - UPSS journal 1949-2016:


When searching you can just search on a word or phrase. It is also possible to do other kinds of searchs by clicking on "Show additional Keyword criteria". The different criteria are:

  • Found in the title
  • Match Exact word or phrase (allows wildcard)
  • Match Any of the words
  • Match All of the words
  • Proximity No more than words between the keyword and
  • Stemming which uses the keyword as the stem and you choose the possible variants on the keyword

    The results of the search is a table. Click the Issue number to get the issue as a PDF in which the word appears, or click the title to just get the article as a PDF. The PDF of the article has the cover of the issue, table of contents for the issue, and the page(s) of the article.