The following exhibits/displays have been contributed by UPSS members. Contact the webmaster for including your exhibit/display.

  • William Weiss US Postal Card Errors
  • US Stamped Envelope Errors, Freaks, and Oddities
  • Rates and Usages of the U.S. 3-cent Circular Die Stamped Envelopes 1917-1960
  • The Ganzsachensammler Collection The All New 10c US Envelopes of 1870-1874; An eBook Exhibit.
  • US Star Die Envelopes
  • Dan Undersander US Black Jack Envelopes and Wrappers
  • Dan Undersander US Envelope Essays and Proofs
  • Dan Undersander US Wrappers

  • Other exhibits:
  • United States Postal Card, Multiple Impressions, 1881-1987
  • Lots of postal stationery exhibits

  • Presentations:
  • Ross A. Towle US Stamped Envelope Production 1900-1964 given at StampShow 2012

  • Catalogs:
  • Society for Costa Rica Collectors Costa Rica Postal Stationery 4th Edition (2014) (8.1MB)