National Postal Museum - UPSS Research Program

The United Postal Stationery Society, Inc. (UPSS), in collaboration with the Smithsonian National Postal Museum (NPM), has created a research funding program to support scholarly research in the philatelic subject of the postal stationery of any country.

At the UPSS meeting held at Florex, in Orlando, Florida on December 1, 2017, the Board of Directors approved the funding of the “National Postal Museum – United Postal Stationery Research Program”.

The NPM-UPSS Research Program is intended to defray the expenses of visiting Washington, D.C. to conduct research at the NPM, and at additional, nearby institutions. Funding for the Program has been established for five years, starting in 2018, with a maximum commitment of $2,500 per year.

The program will be administered by the Smithsonian NPM. Applications for funding will be reviewed by an Awards Committee, responsible for selecting the awardees. The committee will be comprised of two members of the UPSS and the NPM’s Winton M. Blount Chair in Research. Upon approval of an application, the NPM will buy bus/train/airline tickets and book the hotel after consultation with the successful applicant regarding his/her schedule for the trip.

The researcher’s final product (article, paper, presentation, web exhibit, etc.), will be reviewed by NPM and the UPSS. The UPSS will have the first right of refusal for publishing the work in the UPSS journal Postal Stationery, as a stand-along publication (print and/or eBook) and/or on the UPSS website, with the UPSS solely responsible for decision.

The NPM will be accepting applications on a rolling basis throughout the calendar year,

We encourage Society members to consider taking advantage of this opportunity to engage in research utilizing the resources of the National Postal Museum. Additional information and scholarship applications may be found on the NPM website at: