Auction 2017A2
Lot #UPSS/ScDescriptionCat. Value
United StatesEnvelopes
15*Unused with dirty appearance and repaired flap tears$750.00
229a**Few wrinkles$90.00 MB $27
337A**VF Folded wrapper$125.00 MB $36
4102a**VF$85.00 MB $25
5102aoUsed to Albany, NY; blue cancel$35.00 MB $10
6108aoRed NEW YORK CITY cancel; hinge remnants on back and repaired flap$20.00
7110oused with OCT 6 CHARLESTON, S.C. cds;2 cuts in envelope$20.00
8114oused with blue JUN 30 CINCINNATI O. cds$18.00
9114oused with blue cds and circle of wedges cancel; 2 hinge remnants on back$18.00
10116a**Type 17$35.00
11116a**Type 38, some lt blue discoloration along edges; small handstamp bottom right$35.00
12116a**2 cuts through envelope$35.00
13117a**W55 folded; 2 hinge remnants on top with small hole in one of them$200.00 MB $60
14119a**Type 33 folded wrapper, vertical laid lines$75.00
15121**Type 26 folded wrapper, extra horizontal fold line; small pinhole top fold$45.00
16123oused with NEWPORT cds$10.00
17124oused with CENTRE RUTLAND, VT OCT 11 cds with special request Ripley Sons cc$7.50
18125oused with "UNCLAIMED" and circular "ADVERTISED" markings$3.50
19132**GR; VF$80.00 MB $24
20133**Barely visible gum from prior hinging on back$80.00 MB $24
21222**GR$80.00 MB $24
22222**Hinge remnants on backflap$80.00 MB $24
23259aoused to Muncie City, Ind. Ungummed envelope opened at left side$45.00 MB $15
24261-2**Folded wrapper; small stain at top$110.00 MB $32
25271-6**Few light wrinkles$8.00
26273-6**XF with W.A. Cooper, San Francisco, Cal. Cc$9.00
27285-6**Slight flap separation at corners$17.00
28287-7**Small barely visible tone spot on front$17.50
29290-7**VF with small natural inclusion at bottom$32.50 MB $10
30293-2**Folded wrapper with a few wrinkles and a small edge tear$60.00
31325-2**Hinge remnants on backflap$12.00
32338**U146, small pinhole left of indica$225.00 MB $50
33347-6**Small inclusion on front and flap pinhole$25.00
34349-5**Small pinhole at top; Frank . Hipple cc$20.00
35363**Centennial special printing, lt tone bands, ex. Barkhausen$500.00 MB $125
36383a**Centennial special printing, HG, small piece missing from left side$500.00 MB $125
37390a**Centennial special printing, sl toning at right$500.00 MB $125
38398a**Centennial special printing, HG,taped on back to repair small tear, ex Barkhausen$500.00 MB $125
39403a**Centennial special printing, tone band at right$500.00 MB $125
40434-2**Lt toning $30.00 MB $8
41447-5**GR notice at left$10.00
42447-5oused with Bergenfield, NJ cds to Englewood, NJ$6.00
43453a**HG, Fargo, Dakota GR$22.50 MB $7
44477-5**VF$22.50 MB $7
45477-5**Mount stain on reverse shows through partially to front$20.00
46487-5**Crease lower right corner$50.00 MB $12
47489-6**Slight edge wrinkle top right and bottom left$14.00
49490-7**Few tone specks$12.00
50491-7**Light creases at top and lower left$12.00
51496-7**Stains across top and bottom$200.00 MB $50
52506-2**HG; dark red; some wrinkles and spot of gum from prior mounting on back$25.00
53509-2**Some wrinkles and edge toning, HG$22.50
54510-6**Bay National Bank cc, some toning$22.50
55514-2**VF, HG, Wunsch backstamp$25.00 MB $8
56522**Single vertical crease, ex. M. White, HG$25.00
57539**HG, 2 pinpoint paper inclusions and a small stain at bottom$85.00 MB $20
58544aoused to Germany with NEW YORK OCT 3 83 cds and cc$20.00
59546-2**Few wrinkles, lt toning$17.50
60548-5**Small ink notation on backflap corner$14.00
61549**Tiny paper wrinkle top left$14.00
62550**Some tone specks$25.00
63553-5**Minute bend at top$14.00
64556**Few natural paper inclusion specks$16.00
65559-2**Small typed numbers "542" at top right corner$20.00
67563-7**Few light bends$17.00
68564-7**Light stains and small tear in backflap$15.00
69566-2**Few wrinkles, sl. flap separation$15.00
70566-7**Few wrinkles and a small crease at top left$15.00
71569-7**Small abrasion on back$20.00
73576**Lt. edge bend at left$22.50
74578**Tiny corner bend bottom right$22.50
75579-7**Small bends at lower corners$25.00
77583**VF$25.00 MB $8
78583**Small internal crease$25.00
79586-7**VF$30.00 MB $10
80586-7**VF$30.00 MB $10
81587**Pink stain dot on indicia$30.00 MB $7
82587**Single small mount adherence on backflap$30.00 MB $7
83599-5**Tone stains across top and bottom, HG$90.00 MB $22
84601**HG, GR, right corner crease and partially separated flap$350.00 MB $115
85613-6**HG, Few light edge stains on back and typical wrinkles seen on size 25 envelopes$120.00 MB $30
86630**HG, Type 1, pinpoint inclusion on front$250.00 MB $62
87634**HG, Type 2, mostly detached backflap with small tear at top$320.00 MB $80
88637**Type 2, small linear stain on front and dg on tip of backflap$300.00 MB $75
89638**Type 2: light stain lines across top and bottom$320.00 MB $80
90643-2**Type 4$100.00
91643-3**Light toning on edges and back$80.00 MB $24
92643-3**Type 4 with White, Hentz & Co. cc$80.00
93643-3**Merchants National Bank cc; mount adherence on back$80.00 MB $24
94643-3**VF, GR$80.00 MB $26
95643-3 oused with BOSTON, MASS JUL 7 cds and GOODWIN, LOCKE & CO. cc$50.00 MB $15
96643-3oType 3, opened on 2 sides; Fremont, Ohio cancel$60.00
97644-3**VF$70.00 MB $20
98644-3**$70.00 MB $20
99644-3**$70.00 MB $20
100644-3**Type 1; 2 small stains on back$70.00
101644-3oused with Blue CHICAGO ILL. AUG 14 cds & fancy cancel$30.00 MB $9
102646-3**VF$90.00 MB $25
103646-3**VF$90.00 MB $25
104646-3**Type 1, Lyman Mills, Holyoke, Mass cc$90.00
105646-3oUsed to Canada with Stamp dealer return label$40.00 MB $12
106646-3oUsed 50 years later w/added adhesive and JUN 7 1926 PROCTORSVILLE VT cds$40.00
108647-6**Small internal crease$12.00
110650-6**Small natural inclusion on front$12.00
111650-6**Linear stain on front and small crease at right$12.00
112651-6**GR; small corner stain on back$12.00
113652-6**GR notice at left; VF$12.00
114652-6**Holliston, Mass return notice; 2 mount adherences on reverse$12.00
115653-6**GR notice at left$12.00
116653-6**Merchants Exchange CC$12.00
117654-6**GR notice at left$12.00
118655-6**Small crease top right$12.00
122658-5**Aetna National Bank CC$13.00
124659-5**Disturbed gum on part of flap; some white spots on bottom edge$12.50
126659-6**Slight flap separation; small crease at left$12.50
127661-6**GR notice at left$15.00
129663-6**GR notice at left$15.00
130663-6**GR notice at left$15.00
132667-6*Printed address$10.00
134669-6**Small paper indentation at right$10.00
135669-6**GR notice at left; slight edge toning at top$10.00
138673-6**GR notice at left$12.50
139675-5**German National Bank CC$13.00
141677-5**Small inclusion on front$12.00
143679-6**Small indentation at top$15.00
144679-6**Flap previously stuck in one small spot$15.00
145680-6**Small natural inclusion on front$12.50
146680-6**HL, GR, pinhole in flap,few wrinkles$12.50
148681-6**Small natural inclusion on front$12.50
149682-6**Small natural inclusion on front; A.W. Kelsey cc$12.50
150683-5**Folded wrapper with tiny tears at edge folds and corner nick bottom left$30.00
151683-5**Folded wrapper with mount adherences$30.00 MB $9
152685-6**$25.00 MB $8
153686-6*Previously addressed$22.50
154687-6**$22.50 MB $7
155688-6**$22.50 MB $7
156689-6**GR notice at left$25.00 MB $8
157692-6**$25.00 MB $8
158693-6**VF$30.00 MB $10
159694-6**Dark Brown Indicia; GR notice at left$30.00 MB $10
160695-6**The New York Plow Co. cc$30.00 MB $10
161696-6**S. Kahn & Son CC$30.00 MB $10
162701-6**Few creases and wrinkles$20.00
163702-6**,ufUnfolded wrapper; few light wrinkles$40.00 MB $13
164702-6**Folded wrapper with mount adherences$30.00 MB $9
165705-6**GR notice at left; small natural inclusion on front$32.50 MB $10
166707-6**Jewel Belting Co. CC$21.00 MB $7
167707-6**Ostego Fork Mills Co. cc; partially separated flap$21.00
168710-6**GR notice at left$27.50 MB $9
169712-6**Small stain at bottom$40.00 MB $12
170713-6**$55.00 MB $18
171718-6**$22.00 MB $7
172718-6**GR notice at left$22.00 MB $7
173719-6**Duffy & Hunter CC;Wunsch backstamp$35.00 MB$11
174722-6**VF$27.50 MB $9
175728-6**$90.00 MB $30
176733-6**Bank Of Mobile, Ala CC$35.00 MB $11
177733-6** Bank Of Mobile, Ala CC; faded blue color with edge toning$35.00
178734-6**Tiny pinhole at flap seam$21.00
179735-6**$21.00 MB $7
180739-6**Folded wrapper with slight edge tears at folds$30.00
181748-6**Two links below right "2";GR notice at left some staining$700.00; MB$230.00
182755-6**Round "O" in "TWO"; Bergen Port Sulphur Works CC; small natural inclusion on front$400.00 MB $130
184760-6**Printed address$8.00
185760-6 SPUnlisted Specimen with Burke, Henderson, Hone & Co. cc; tone bandsEst $12.00
189764-6**Group of 3 Scan 2$27.00 MB $9
190764-6**Group of 4 with general return notice at left Scan 2$36.00 MB $12
193766-7**Slight crease down right edge$20.00
194769-7**$25.00 MB $8
195773-6**Two tone dots on front; ex-Barkhausen$20.00
196775-6**Group of 4 each with a fault: small stain on front, wrinkles, partially open on one side, toning Scan 2 Scan 3 Scan 4$80.00
197777-7**Tiny crease top left edge$27.50
198780-7**$27.50 MB $9
199780-7**$27.50 MB $9
200780-7**Few wrinkles$27.50
201783-7**$27.50 MB $9
202783-7**$27.50 MB $9
203783-7**$27.50 MB $9
204784-7**Lt crease top left$27.50
205789-6**Folded wrapper$225.00 MB $75
206790-6-794-6**Group of 23 small die 81 Brown on white:790-6(5);790-7(4);791-7(3);792-6;793-6(5);793-7;794-6(4);mostly VF ; 6 with small faults & 2 with printed address Scan 2 Scan 3 Scan 4 Scan 5 Scan 6 Scan 7 Scan 8$30.70
207794b-6**Brown lake shade with Marcus White signature under backflap$35.00 MB $11
208795-6//800-7**Group of 11 die 81 brown on white:795-6(3),796-7,797-7(3),799-6,799-7(2),800-7; few faults Scan 2 Scan 3 Scan 4 Scan 5$24.10
209801-7//807-7**Group of 30 die 81 brown on amber:801-7(2);802-6(2);803-6(11);803-7;804-6(3);804-7(2);805-6(3);805-7;806-,807-6(2),807-7(2);3 with printed addresses and a few have minor faults Scan 2 Scan 3 Scan 4 Scan 5 Scan 6 Scan 7 Scan 8 Scan 9$61.50
212814-7**2 mount stains on front$10.00
213814-7oUsed to Columbus, OH with MADISON, O cds$10.00
214817-6-818-6**Group of 7: 817-6 with small ink stain on front;818-6(6) Scan 2 Scan 3$35.00
215818-7**Group of 4 Scan 2$20.00
216819-6**Group of 3$15.00
217819-7**Group of 4 Scan 2$20.00
218820-6**/oGroup of 4:3 mint one of which has mount stains on back;1 used with fancy advertising corner card and JAN 87 TROY NY cds Scan 2$20.00
219820-7**Group of 4 Scan 2$20.00
220824-6**Group of 3$18.00
221825-6**Group of 3$18.00
222826-6**Group of 5, 2 with cc Scan 2$30.00 MB $10
223827-6**2 envelopes$12.00
224832-7**Tatum & Bowen cc; mount stains on back bottom$19.00
225832-9 SP**Specimen with cc; tone band on front$12.00
226834-7**Small creases at top and right; flap pinhole$22.00
227837-7**Barkhausen handstamp on back$17.50
228837-7**Light stains on front$17.50
231843-7**Folded wrapper$12.50
232844-6**Folded wrapper$12.50
234847-7**Barkhausen handstamp on back$80.00 MB $26
235847-7**Tone band and small inclusion on front; extra paper glued into backflap$80.00 MB $20
236847-7oNot listed used in UPSS or Scott; AUG 4 87 NEW YORK cds to Tenn; some backflap damage; note on back "very scarce used"Est $50.00+
237849-7**$70.00 MB $23
238849-7**General return notice at left$70.00 MB $23
239854-7oused to Milwaukee, Wis. With DEC 7 1886 ELKHORN, WIS. Cds$180.00 MB $60
240860**Previously folded$15.00
241860**Previously folded, small nick bottom right corner$15.00
242861a**Folded;2 small mount stains on top flap & small tear at one fold$12.50
243862**,ufUnfolded but 2 light horizontal creases from storage; few internal wrinkles & stain dot at top$25.00
244862**,ufUnfolded but 2 light horizontal creases from storage; few internal wrinkles & stain dot at top$25.00
245862A**,ufUnfolded but light horizontal creases from storage; small nick bottom right and horizontal toning at bottom$20.00
246862Aa**,ufUnfolded but light horizontal creases from storage; small nick at top$35.00
247863a**,ufUnfolded but light horizontal creases from storage; small nick at bottom$35.00
248864**,ufUnfolded; mount stains with spot of dg on side flap$25.00
249864**,ufUnfolded; wrinkle and tiny tear bottom left$25.00
250864a**,ufUnfolded; overall toning with partial perf separation bottom left$35.00
251865**,ufUnfolded but light horizontal creases from storage; tone spot top flap; backstamp$25.00
252865a**,ufUnfolded but light horizontal creases from storage; few rough edges with small tear top left; backstamp$30.00
253866**,ufUnfolded; light surface abrasion and a few inclusions$25.00
254866**,ufUnfolded but light horizontal creases from storage;2 tone spots; backstamp$25.00
255866a**,ufVF Unfolded; Series 2, normal watermark$25.00
256866a**,ufUnfolded; tone spots; backstamp$25.00
257866a**,ufUnfolded but light horizontal creases from storage; small stains; backstamp$25.00
258867**,ufUnfolded but light horizontal creases from storage; tone spots; backstamp$25.00
259867a**,ufUnfolded but light horizontal creases from storage; tone spots; backstamp$25.00
260867a**,ufUnfolded but light horizontal creases from storage; tone spots; backstamp$25.00
261867a**,ufUnfolded but light horizontal creases from storage; tone spots; backstamp$25.00
262867a**,ufUnfolded but light horizontal creases from storage; tone spots; backstamp$25.00
263868**,ufUnfolded but light horizontal creases from storage; tone spots; backstamp$25.00
264868a**Previously folded$12.50
265869**Previously folded$12.50
266869**Previously folded$12.50
267870**,ufUnfolded but light horizontal creases from storage; tone spots; backstamp$25.00
268870**Previously folded$12.50
269870a**,ufVF unfolded; Series 6; reversed watermark$25.00
270870a**,ufUnfolded but light horizontal creases from storage; backstamp$25.00
271870a**,ufUnfolded but light horizontal creases from storage; backstamp$25.00
272870a**,ufUnfolded but light horizontal creases from storage; backstamp$25.00
273871**Previously folded; light ink stain on front$50.00
274871a**Previously folded$50.00
275873**,ufVF unfolded; Series 7 normal watermark$25.00
276873**Previously folded; wrinkles$12.50
277873a**,ufUnfolded but light horizontal creases from storage$25.00
278873a**Previously folded$12.50
279860//873a**,oGrant lettersheet remainder of 40 sheets:860 2 mint,1used;862(17),864,865(2),865a,866(2),866a,867a(3),868(2),868a,869,870a(2),873(2+1 printed address,873a;some unfolded; most with faults Scan 2 Scan 3 Scan 4 Scan 5 Scan 6 Scan 7 Scan 8 Scan 9$720.00
280877-8//901-8**Group of 6: 877-8,879-8,882-12,899a-7,899a-8,901-8; mostly previously hinged on back Scan 2$24.40
281923-8//978-12**,oGroup of 24 2c green on white, amber, & buff; 4 with sf, 1 pa, 1 used; some with mount adherences Scan 2 Scan 3 Scan 4 Scan 5 Scan 6 Scan 7 Scan 8 Scan 9$19.05
282984-9//1008-8**Group of 10 2c green on blue & manila; all with mount adherences on back Scan 2 Scan 3 Scan 4 Scan 5 Scan 6$22.25
2831010-8//1022-8**Group of 6 2c green on amber-manila; all with wmk 8; all with mount adherences on back Scan 2 Scan 3$41.00
2841023-7,1024-12**2 folded wrappers, the latter with partially stuck flap$26.00
2851066-8, 1071-12, 1075-8**All with stuck flaps; stains and rt side tear on 1071-12 Scan 2$22.00
2861080-7, 1082-7, 1088-7**Group of 3 4c carmine; buff with few wrinkles and rt edge toning, blue with sf; amber-manila w/small gum stain on front Scan 2$51.00
2871092-8, 1093-12**1092-8 with mount adhesions on back$17.00
2881098-7**Partially stuck flap$18.00
2891099-7**Tip of flap previously stuck$18.00
2901100**Stuck flap$60.00
2911110**$70.00 MB $21
2921110**Two stain dots on backflap$70.00
2931116**VF$70.00 MB $21
2941127**Partially stuck flap; few wrinkles$140.00
2951157**Small natural inclusion on front$5.75
2961183, 1186, 1188, 1192, 1194**Mount adherences on back Scan 2$15.00
2971197, 1200, 1204,1207**Mount adherences on back Scan 2$36.00
2981211**Tone band across front: mount adherences on back$20.00
2991214**Mount adherences on back$20.00
3001217a, 1218-13**Envelope with corner crease, wrapper folded; both with mount adherences on back$24.00
3011226//1251**Group of 12 2c carmine on white; all diff sizes; all with mount adherences on back except 1249 Scan 2 Scan 3 Scan 4 Scan 5 Scan 6$22.65
3021253//1275**Group of 9 2 c carmine on amber; all diff sizes; all with mount adherences on back except 1273 & 1274 Scan 2 Scan 3 Scan 4 Scan 5$31.70
3031276//1291*Group of 6 2c carmine on buff; all with mount adherences on back except 1291 Scan 2 Scan 3$19.00
3041292//1307**Group of 6 2c carmine on blue; all with mount adherences on back except 1307 Scan 2 Scan 3$18.75
3051308-13**Folded wrapper$12.50
3061308-13**2 Folded wrappers; one with few prior extra folds and one with mount adherences on back$25.00
3071309-13**Folded wrapper; few wrinkles & flap crease$20.00
3081356**Two natural inclusions$27.50
3091357**Small tone dot bottom left and indentations along top edge$27.50
3101358**Lt edge wrinkling$27.50
3111359**Lt staining on front and mount adherences on back$100.00 MB $30
3121360**Few indentations along top edge$100.00 MB $30
3131361**Few indentations along top edge$100.00 MB $30
3141362-13**W376 folded with center crease, wrinkles and edge tears$30.00
3151365**Mount adherences on back$18.00
3161368**Mount adherences on back$25.00
3171371**Mount adherences on back$25.00
3181373oUsed to Berlin, Germany$20.00
3191437oused to Germany with NOV 30 1903 NEW YORK cds and DURSBURG receiving stamp on reverse$24.00
3201728a-18**Railway corner card; Type 5$15.00
3212006-?**1c Franklin Circular die printed on inside of envelopeEST $5.00-$10.00
3222437oIllegally used to Germany with 2 cut outs added all tied by WILLETT S. DAK OCT 26 1920 cds
3232498**U436h 3 cent carmine color error; CITY WATER DEPT. SEATTLE cc$50.00 MB $30
3242498**U436h 3 cent carmine color error; CITY WATER DEPT. SEATTLE cc$50.00 MB $15
3262776-19**VF$40.00 MB $13
3272916**VF$27.50 MB $9
3282919**Few tone specks$27.50 MB $9
3293211-25?**U515 Albino 1c circular die with type 9 surcharge and clear wmk 25EST $5-$10
3303535a**Maroon surcharge; tone band$50.00
3313645oU590a violet color error, tagged with fluorescent ink$400.00 MB $300
3323704**Reader's Digest precancel; small crease rt side and tiny stain above window$80.00
3333720**Second Chance Lottery$5.00
334E69A-c**10c 1874 Plimpton Entire Essay, Die 69 size 8 knife 38 wmk 7, gray on white$90.00 MB $22
United States Envelope Cut Squares
335254a**Centennial special printing, U108EST $400.00 MB $100
336255a**Centennial special printing, U109EST $425.00 MB $110
337318a**Centennial special printing, U139 full cornerEST $400.00 MB $100
338334a**Centennial special printing, U144EST $400.00 MB $100
339U161**Centennial special printingEST $400.00 MB $100
340U163**Centennial special printingEST $400.00 MB $100
341U164**Centennial special printingEST $400.00 MB $100
342U165**Centennial special printingEST $400.00 MB $100
343U166**Centennial special printingEST $400.00 MB $100
344U198**Centennial special printingEST $560 MB $140
United States Air Mail Envelopes and Lettersheets
347AM12-30A**UC3, Forest Grove, Oregon return$16.00
348AM12-30AoFirst Flight to Newton Highlands, Mass via Portland, Maine$10.00
349AM12-30AoFirst Flight to Newton Highlands, Mass via Augusta, Georgia$10.00
350AM18**UC4; previously stuck flap; 2 small creases on flap$65.00
351AM51-39**UC10; few wrinkles near indicia and small stain rt side$20.00
352ALS3**/ufUC16C, VF unfolded$60.00
United States Official Envelopes
353WD33-2*Printed address; vertical crease$40.00
354WD72-2*Printed address; previous small flap adherence & 2 small edge stains$25.00
355WD93-5*Printed address as well as penalty overprintEST. $15.00
356WD97-5*Printed address and cc$7.00
United States Single Cards
357S1h;SP29oUX3a used with Weiss certificate stating "It is genuine, there is no discernible watermark present. Card has multiple small faults" Scan 2Scott cat $775.00
358S2*UX3 Unused with printed ad on reverse$25.00
359S2oUX3 used to Germany with added 1 c stampEST $75.00
360S2//S8f*/oGroup of 13 cards: S2 DEC 22 Chicago Carrier cds on back,S6: 2 used; S6: 5 used missing teeth; S7: 3 used (1 dark brown), 1 unused;S8f mint face(minor keystone missing) Scan 2 Scan 3 Scan 4 Scan 5$35.20
361S2co2 used cards with inverted wmks; MAY 2 (1875) BRIDGEPORT CONN. Cds; OCT 15 (1874) KENNEDY NY cds$18.00
362S2doReversed watermark; MINERAL POINT, O(H) cds + pen cancel, May 22, 1874$32.00 MB $10
363S2doReversed watermark; hinge remnants on reverse; Snelling, CA cds$32.00
364S2eoReverse and inverted wmk; JUN 30 HUDSON N.Y. cds and BROOKLYN N.Y. receiver$32.00 MB $10
365S2f SP45o"Big-hole" damage; Used May 1, 1874, Blue Cleveland cds$37.50 MB $10
366S4**UX5; Lt left edge toning$85.00
367S4/S4acoAll used: S4 with plate damage in indicia; S4ac with FEB 9 (1878) cds and pre-printed reverse; S4ac creased$42.50 MB $10
368S4acoRecut "S" in "MESSAGE";UTICA OCT 22 (1877) cds Scan 2$32.00
369S4ccoRecut "S" in "SIDE"; KENOSHA WIS. JUN 27 (1879) cds$32.00
370S5**UX6, Faint linear stain top left$35.00
371S5oUX6 used to Switzerland with MAR 17 1893 NEW YORK cds/MAR 28 93 BERN receiving stamp$28.00
372S5oUX6 used to Sweden with JAN 9 CHICAGO ILL cds and message on reverse with 1882 date$28.00
373S5oUX6; Used to Sweden with "Via England, Closed Mail," marking on front$28.00 MB$15
374S5oUX6 used to Belgium with NY cds & 26 Avril 1895 receiving stamp$28.00
375S5o3 used cards: to Germany with receiver, to France with blue receiver, to Holland(mach. Cds) with receiver$84.00 MB $25
376S6**UX7; few stains$25.00
377S6oLeavitt machine cancel Type B-KC 9-23(85)$10.00
378S6bo23-teeth variety; JUN 23 (1885) NEW YORK cds away from teeth$62.50 MB $20
379S6bo23-teeth variety; heavy postmark but teeth clearly visible$62.50 MB $30
380S6do"ONE CENT" re-entry with APR 8 1884 CASTLEROCK, WIS cds$40.00
381S6yoOld S6E, nail-hole under "P";RED CLOUD NE JUN 11 1885 cds$27.50
382S6yoUX7 used; nail-hole under "O" in inscription variety$27.50 MB $15
383S6yoOld S6f, nail-hole under "O";BROCKPORT NY AUG 8 1883 star cds$27.50
384S6yoOld S6g, nail-hole under "D";MAY 6 (85) GREENCASTLE PA. cds$27.50
385S6yo2 used cards: one with nail-hole under "P" and one with nail-hole under "D"$55.00 MB $20
387S7**UX8; Slight tone spots on back$57.50
388S7*mClean face;1886 dues notice for Society of Arizona Pioneers on the reverse Scan 2$11.00
389S7hoPrinted on thin card (0.009 in);two punch holes; New York duplex "14" FEB 17 86 cds$22.50
390S7ioDamaged "C' in "CARD";WINCHESTER, KY JUN 25 87 cds$28.00
391S7koScratch 45 degrees through "O" of "POSTAL"; ROCHESTER N.H. MAY 14 1886 cds$20.00
392S7loUX8 used; scratch vertically through vignette and frame variety$18.00
395S8oUX9 used to Switzerland with added and postage stamp and forwarding within SwitzerlandEST $10.00
396S8//S8b**/o5 cards: 3 S8: one mint with damaged plate causing broken line above "E" in "STATES", one unused and one used; 2 S8b glossy buff used 1890 Scan 2$39.00
397S8b**Glossy dark buff$75.00 MB$20
398S10oUX10 used to London, England with added 1c Columbian stampEST $5.00
403S12oPair of 2 used UX11, first with Pittsburgh, PA Dec 1 1893 cds; second with Feb 4 1893 Tenn cds$7.00
404S14**UX12; corner crease top right$45.00
405S14coHorizontal scratch across forehead; RANDOLPH NY NOV (24) 1894 cds$12.00
406S14doVertical scratch in second "T" of "STATES"$12.00
407S16**UX13; small tone stains on front$250.00
408S16oUX13 used to Germany with MAY 14 1898 NEW YORK, NY cds; creases/folds at lower left and slight corner damage lower right$95.00+
409S16oUX13 used to Belgium with DEC 23, 1901 SIMEON, VA. Cds; surface scrape at top $95.00+
411S17oUX17 used to Prussia with OCT 8 1900 NEW YORK cds & 28.10.00 MARBURG receiving stampEST $10.00
412S17oUX14 used to Germany with added one cent stamp, Hoboken, NJ cds and German receiving stamp; Greater New York Souvenir picture postcard on reverse Scan 2EST $30.00
413S17oUX14 used to Germany with added one cent Trans Mississippi stamp, Cincinnati, OH 1899 cds and Rheinbrohl, Germany receiving stampEST $10.00
416S19oUX15 used; SEP 16 1901 CINCINNATI cds to Louisville$17.00
417S19oUX15 used to Philadelphia with OCT 31 1901 BALTIMORE MD cds$17.00
421S20**UX16; two small stains top left corner$15.00
422S22**UX18; slight bent corner top right and crease at right$18.00
423S22coDent in frame variety; NOV 17, 1905 cds$55.00 MB $15
424S22/S30B**/*Group of 14 cards: S22: 3 mint (one thick paper) & 6 unused (one thick paper); S24 unused but damaged;S26 mint face; S30 b: 3 unused Scan 2 Scan 3 Scan 4 Scan 5$26.15
425S24 varoTwo cards with flaws in "POSTAL": UL serif in "P" missing (see N.B. in catalog);Notch at top of "P"EST $10.00
426S26**UX20; partial tear upper left corner$60.00
427S26oGroup of 3 used UX20, 2 to Germany with added 1 cent postage stamps and one used domesticallyEST $14.00
428S28**UX21 VF$110.00
429S28oUX21 used with FEB 14 1911 WALWORTH WIS cds$14.00
431S30Aa*mClean face; On thin stock .008";Elks meeting notice on reverse Scan 2$20.00
432S32**UX23; Slight crease top left corner$11.00
433S32oUX23 used with NY Public Library notice on back$8.25
435S35Aoused to Germany with FEB 17 1915 PASSAIC N.J. cds$17.50
436S35Aoused to Germany with Nov 16 1912 Grand Central Station NY cds$17.50
437S35Aoused to Germany with Sept 24 1923 Cambridge Mass cds$17.50
438S35Aoused to Germany with OCT 15 1914 CHICAGO, ILL. CdsMB $10
440S37A//S37E**/*/oGroup of 7 cards: S37A used, S37B used May 16,1925, S37B1 pre printed, S37E: 1 mint, 2 used, 1 FD of 2c rate 1/1/52 Scan 2 Scan 3$30.00
441S37B*ENCYLOPAEDIA BRITTANICA Printed address on front and ad on back$16.00
442S37Coused to Switzerland in 1926; barely visible crease at top$95.00
443S40**/oGroup of 18 cards: Type 1: 2 mint,1 used, 7 mint miscuts; Type 2: 8 mint Scan 2 Scan 3 Scan 4 Scan 5 Scan 6$7.00
445S45-5**UX33; lt vertical stain down middle of front$13.50
446S45-29**UX33;NY small cent ovpt$25.00
447S46-2oWrinkles in margraviate CAL FEB 23 1921 cds$52.50 MB $15
448S54, S54A, S54B**/oGroup of 24 cards: S54: 1 miscut lower left demonetized, 2 miscut lower left; S54A: 2 mint, 2 FDC different cachets; S54B: 1 miscut diagonal demonetized, 4 mint miscut lower right, 1 redeemed-'Canceled' 1959, 2 mint, 1 used 1992, 1 ink blobs and 8 mint uncut vertical pairs Scan 2 Scan 3 Scan 4 Scan 5 Scan 6 Scan 7 Scan 8 Scan 9$13.45
449S54Bc*mClean face; Damaged lower right corner variety$27.50
450S54Bc*mClean face; Damaged lower right corner variety$27.50 MB $7.50
451S57**/oGroup of 7 cards: one of each 4 mint surcharge types, 1 redeemed "Cancelled" Type 1; 2 mint uncut vertical pairs, Type 2,3 Scan 2 Scan 3 Scan 4$45.00
452S57f**Flint Type 3 Inverted surcharge and Consumers Power Company cc lower left$50.00 MB $20
453S58-1,S58-2**3 mint cards: S58-1 head 3, S58-1 head 3 dash in P, S58-2 Nashville head 3 dash in P$9.80
454S59, S60**Group of 11 mint cards: S59: one of all 4 surcharge types; mint dash in P for surcharge types 1, 3 & 4; S60: 1 mint, 2 miscut, 1 mint uncut vertical pair Scan 2 Scan 3 Scan 4 Scan 5$39.95 MB $10
455S61a, S62**/FDCGroup of 10 cards: S61a: 6 mint, 1 mint oil bubble, 1 FDC; S62: 1 FDC cachet ASDA, 1 FDC ASDA no cachet Scan 2 Scan 3 Scan 4$5.45
456S63o3 cards: Type 1 Redeemed 'Canceled'-A x 2, Type 2 Redeemed 'Canceled' - B$15.00
457S63, S65**/*/FDCGroup of 19 cards: S63: 3 unused added 10c meter 3/76, 2 unused added 18c meter 3/76, 1 mint type 1, 4 mint type 2, 3 mint type 1 ink variety, 1 mint type 2 ink variety, 1 miscut cancel not address up left, 1 mint type 1 dark purple, 1 FDC type 1 cachet, 1 uncut type 1 vertical pair; S65:1 mint Scan 2 Scan 3 Scan 4 Scan 5 Scan 6 Scan 7$14.00
458S63a**Missing "I" ("N GOD WE TRUST")$14.00
459S66A, S66CoS66A Portola 5C revalue to Co-op, S66C Portola with 1c meter revalue$50.35 MB $15
460S78oUX59 non philatelic use to Romania with Jan 1974 Buffalo, NY cds Scan 2$80.00
461S78oUX59 non philatelic use to Romania with Jan 1 1974 Buffalo, NY cds Scan 2$80.00
462S78oUX59 non philatelic use to Romania with receiving stamp Scan 2$80.00
463S82FDCGroup of 5 different UX65 First day cancels including Wash, DC, Springfield, MA and Manchester, CT Scan 2$5.50
464S84oNon philatelic usage to Germany Scan 2$50.00
465S84oNon philatelic usage to Germany with 10 cents added postage Scan 2$50.00
466S93oUX76 non philatelic use to England Scan 2$40.00
467S103,S123FDCUX86 & UX107 FDC with Colorado "silk" cachetsEST $6.00
468S123oUX107 non philatelic use to England with JUN 15 1987 Philadelphia cds Scan 2$35.00
469S139oUX122 non philatelic use to England with NOV 28 1988 Philadelphia cds Scan 2$30.00
470S329a**UX315a Booklet of 10 cards$13.50
471S17, S53, S66A//S71**/o/FDCBalance of consignment with 16 cards: S17 RPO cancel, S53 Pale red on buff and red-orange on buff, S66A 2 mint, 1 unused, 1 mint miscut; S66c, S67, S68 1 of each mint,S68, S69a FDC cachet, S69a, S70 mint, S70 FDC cachet; S71 mint Scan 2 Scan 3 Scan 4 Scan 5 Scan 6$26.65
United States Message Reply Cards
472MR1 sep 1*UY1 mint folded$44
473MR1 sep 1*UY1 mint folded, small bend at corner of reply card and light internal crease$43.50
474MR1 sep 1*UY1 mint folded but with many creases on message half$43.50
475MR3 sep 2**/ufUY2 unfolded$35.00
476MR3 sep 1* UY2 mint folded$22.00
477MR3 sep 1*UY2 mint folded$22.00
478MR3 sep 2*UY2 mint folded$22.50
479MR6*UY4 mint folded$55.00
480MR8 sep2oUY5 used to Canada with OCT 10 1912 PITTSBURGH, PA cds with reply half addressed but not used$24.00
481MR8 sep 3*UY5 folded; some perf separation$160.00
482MR12 sep3**/ufUY6 unfolded, slight edge toning$250.00
483MR12 sep3oUY6 used with FEB 11 1915 CHICAGO, ILL cds; reply half addressed but not used$25.00
484MR19 sep 6**/ufUY12 unfolded$16.00
485MR19 sep 7**/ufUY12 unfolded$16.00
486MR25*/ufUY15 Printed on both sides but unfolded Scan 2$35.00
487MR26oUY16 attached message reply card with non philatelic use to Belgium and HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. AUG 5 1959 cds and added 1c adhesive on message and reply cards Scan 2$85.00
488M26oUY16 message card with non philatelic use to Germany and FEB 11 1958 BERKELEY CALIF. Cds Scan 2$40.00
489MR27**/ufDie variety on one side with cracked "I" of "LIBERTY" and broken frame line; Type 1;unfoldedEST $10.00
490R29oUY19 reply card used with BERN, Germany 10-14 1963 cds to Wheeling W. Va. Scan 2$40.00
491MR41**/ufShortened precancel lines on one side (see N.B. in catalog);UY31 unfoldedEST $10.00
United States Air Mail Cards
492SA5aoUXC5 used with FEB 7 1967 LIBERAL KS cds to England; no message on back (philatelic use)$40.00 for non-philatelic use
493SA5aoNonphilatelic usage to Germany with Sep 22, 1966 Milwaukee, WIS cds Scan 2$40.00
494SA5aoPhilatelic? usage to Germany with Oct 19 1966 Chicago, ILL cds Scan 2$40.00 for nonphilatelic use
495SA5aoNonphilatelic usage to Germany but after rate increased to 13 cents requiring additional 2 cent postage stamp Scan 2
496SA8oUXC8 nonphilatelic usage to New Zealand with NOV 22 1968 HAMPSTEAD, MD cds Scan 2$40.00
497SA8oUXC8 nonphilatelic usage to Germany with SEP 21 1970 Floral Park, NY cds Scan 2$40.00
498SA11oUXC11 Nonphilatelic usage to Germany with SEP 1972 Urbana, IL cds Scan 2$55.00
499SA11oUXC11 Nonphilatelic use to Germany with May 16, 1973 Philadelphia, PA cds Scan 2$55.00
500SA11oUXC11 Nonphilatelic use to Romania with MAR 26 1973 Colorado cds Scan 2$55.00
501SA11 FDCUXC11 FDC with LUPOSTA cachet$10.00
502SA12oUXC13 Nonphilatelic usage to Germany with Aug 14 1972 Los Angeles CAL. Cds$75.00
503SA13oUXC14 used with MAR 2 1976 SAN JOSE, CA cds; tape stain at top, writing in German Scan 2$27.00
504SA14aoUXC15 Nonphilatelic use to Germany with AUG 15 1975 cds Scan 2$32.50
505SA14boUXC15 Nonphilatelic use to Germany Scan 2$40.00
506SA15oUXC16 philatelic use to Germany with MAY 4 1977 STAMFORD, CT cds Scan 2$38.00 for non-philatelic use
507SA16oUXC17 Nonphilatelic usage to Germany Scan 2$40.00
508SA16oUXC17 used to Germany with FEB 11 1980 PALM SPRINGS, CA cds; single German line on reverse translates "good news soon" Scan 2$40.00
509SA16oUXC17 used to Japan; tape stain at top; message asks recipient to save for sender's stamp collection Scan 2$40.00 for nonphilatelic use
510SA17oUXC18 Nonphilatelic usage to Germany with JAN 16 1980 SPOKANE, WA cds Scan 2$40.00
511SA18oUXC19 Nonphilatelic usage to Germany with FEB 2 1982 DENVER CO cds Scan 2$27.50
512SA18oUXC19 Nonphilatelic usage to Germany with what appears to be a sweepstakes entry on the back and APR 9 1982 New York cds Scan 2$27.50
513SA19oUXC20 Nonphilatelic use to Germany with Nov 4, 1984 Los Angeles, CA cds Scan 2$32.50
514SA19oUXC20 Nonphilatelic use to Germany with JUN 25 1984 CHAMPAIGN, IL cds Scan 2$32.50
515SA20oUXC21 Nonphilatelic use to Germany with FEB 18 1984 MI cds Scan 2$32.00
516SA21oUXC22 Nonphilatelic usage to Sweden with Nov 23, 1987 Philadelphia, PA cds Scan 2$30.00
517SA21oUXC22 Philatelic use to Germany with SEPT 4 1987 PHILADELPHIA, PA cds Scan 2$30.00 for non-philatelic use
518SA23aoUXC24 Nonphilatelic use to Germany with OCT 21 1988 WASHINGTON DC cds Scan 2$28.00
519SA23coUXC24 with SYDPEX Cachet nonphilatelic use to Germany with OCT 21 1988 WASHINGTON, DC cds Scan 2$15.00
520SA24oUXC25 Nonphilatelic use to England with JAN 12 1995 SAINT PAUL, MN cds Scan 2$28.00
521SA4a//SA24*/oBalance of consignment with 10 cards;SA4a,SA9,SA10, all used to Germany,SA16 & SA19 philatelic use to Germany,SA22 used to Germany (philatelic?),2XSA22b mint, SA23 used,SA24 used (philatelic ?) Scan 2 Scan 3EST. $15+
522SA25oUX219A Nonphilatelic use to England with JAN 09 1996 INDIANAPOLIS, IN cds Scan 2$15.00
523SA26oUCX27 Non philatelic use to Germany after rate increased to 70 cents; 15c added adhesives with FEB 21 2001 ALLENTOWN, PA cds Scan 2$28.00
524SA27oUXC28 Nonphilatelic use to Germany with JUL 5 2001 HONOLULU, HI cds Scan 2$20.00
United States Exposition Cards
525EX14**Mines and Mining Building, some toning on card face Scan 2$50.00
526EX73**Mines and Mining Building, some toning on card face Scan 2$50.00
Possession Canal Zone
52731**U12; vertical crease left side; few wrinkles$250.00 MB $80
52855**U17;spot of dg on flap from previous adherence$10.00
52974**U19; VF$35.00 MB $11
530A12,A22** UC4,UC8; VF$10.00
531S3c**UX2: Type 1 ovpt: "O" of "ZONE" broken at the bottom$225.00 MB $75
532S5**UX2: Type 3 ovpt$225.00 MB $75
533S6**UX2: Type 4 ovpt$200.00 MB $66
534S8**UX2: Type 6 ovpt; slight blunted corner bottom left$200.00 MB $66
535S9**UX2: Type 7$200.00 MB $66
Possession Cuba
5367**U7; stain on front; flap dg from previous adherence$120.00 MB $40
5378**U8 VF$5.00
Possession Danish West Indies
5382**U2a; wmk T1; few wrinkles$20.00 MB $6
5394**Wmk T2; few wrinkles and docketing offset on backflap$25.00 MB $8
5407**Wmk T3$20.00 MB $6
5417**Wmk T3; few wrinkles$20.00 MB $6
5427c**Orange; wmk T3$50.00 MB $16
5438**Wmk T4$250.00 MB $80
544S1**UX1: mount stain one back corner$100.00 MB $32
545S8**UX3; Type III; VF$20.00 MB $6
547S14**UX7; ;VF$40.00 MB $13
548S15**UX8; VF$20.00 MB $6
549S15**UX8; VF$20.00 MB $6
550S17**UX10$25.00 MB $8
551S17**UX10; surface abrasions at bottom frame$25.00
552S20**UX13$20.00 MB $6
553MR1**UY1; Folded; tone stains$30.00 MB $10
554R1**UY1 reply card$5.00
555MR2**UY2; Folded$30.00 MB $10
556MR2**UY2; Folded; light overall toning$30.00 MB $7
557MR5**UY4; Folded$35.00 MB $11
558MR10**UY7; Folded; few light tone specks and blunting of lower left corner$75.00 MB $25
558MR10o/**UY7 Folded with 1905 cancel on message card only$65.00 MB $21
560MR14**UY10 Folded$50.00 MB $16
Possession Hawaii
561S2**UX2; some light staining on back$50.00 MB $16
562MR4**UY4 folded with slight separation at fold$250.00 MB $80
Possession Philippines
56343b**U30; few stains on front$10.00
56444oU30 used to US with added 4c adhesive$25.00 MB $8
56544c**3 mint U30 with MO-1 & CC-1$12.00
56646boU30 used to US with added 4c adhesive$35.00 MB $11
56747oU30 used to Austria$8.00
56848aoU30 used; 2c Rizal$9.00
56949a**U30; few stains on front$40.00 MB $13
57051a**U30$20.00 MB $6
57153**U30;2c Rizal; lt crease at left$20.00 MB $6
57255oU30 used with added 2c adhesive$9.00
57356 var**Albino; few wrinkles and tone spots$40.00 MB $13
57456oU30 used with added 2c adhesive$8.00
57556a var**Albino; stuck flap$10.00
57656aoU30 used with added 2c adhesive$5.00
57759oU30 used with added 2c adhesive$8.00
57860**U30;2c Rizal$60.00 MB $20
57963**U30;2c Rizal; small crease bottom right corner$50.00 MB $16
58066**U30;2c Rizal; small crease top right corner$80.00 MB $26
58167**U30;2c Rizal$22.00 MB $7
58269**U31; 2c Rizal$9.00
58372**U32: 2c Rizal$9.00
58473A**U32: 2c Rizal; buff wove paper;SIDDALL cc$65.00 MB $21
58573A**U32: 2c Rizal; buff wove paper;SIDDALL cc$65.00 MB $21
58674**U32; 2c Rizal; natural inclusion on front;1,000 printed$125.00 MB $40
58776**U33: 2c Rizal$50.00 MB $16
58876**U33: 2c Rizal with SIDDAL cc$50.00 MB $16
58978**U32; 2c Rizal; lt diagonal crease;1,000 printed$125.00 MB $40
59079**U32; 2c Rizal; few wrinkles;1,000 printed$175.00 MB $60
59180**U34;2c Rizal;1,000 printed$15.00
59281,81b**U35; 4c McKinley; 2 envelopes: one with CC-7 and one without cc$8.00
59381c**U35; 4c McKinley with CC-8;inclusion to right of indicia and writing impression on front$20.00
59481c**U35; 4c McKinley with handstamped return address added to CC-8$20.00
59584,84a(2)**U35; 4c McKinley; 3 envelopes: two with and one without cc$15.00
59686b**U35; 4c McKinley; minute tear in flap$35.00 MB $11
59787**U35; 4c McKinley$10.00
59887**U35; 4c McKinley$10.00
59988**U35; 4c McKinley$18.00 MB $6
60089**U35; 4c McKinley; few light wrinkles$35.00 MB $11
60190**U35; 4c McKinley$18.00 MB $6
60290**U35; 4c McKinley$18.00 MB $6
60396**U35: 4c McKinley; vertical crease$35.00 MB $11
60497**U36; 4c McKinley on amber paper;1,500 printed$12.00
60599**U37; 4c Mckinley on buff paper; only 1,000 printed$10.00
606101**U38;4c McKinley on blue paper;2,000 printed$10.00
607101**U38;4c McKinley on blue paper;2,000 printed$10.00
608103a**U39; 4c McKinley on Manila paper; no gum; only 500 printed$20.00 MB $6
609103a**U39; 4c McKinley on Manila paper; no gum; only 500 printed$20.00 MB $6
610106a,108,110**U41;3 diff Juan de la Cruz Scan 2$10.00
612117**NU2;lt stain and corner bends$10.00
613120**U43;"VICTORY" handstamped overprint, wmk 33;CC-1;VF$100.00 MB $32
614121a**U43;"VICTORY" handstamped overprint, wmk 36;CC-1;VF$135.00 MB $45
615122**U43;"VICTORY" handstamped overprint, wmk 39;VF$260.00 MB $85
616W1**Folded wrapper; VF$10.00
617S20c**2c Rizal with Japanese occupation overprint J1 and short dividing line on S19cEST $50
618** Balance of envelope consignment with 13 envelopes:661 stuck flap, 665 hinge remnants on back, 669 tone band on front,677-5 few stains and corner crease,759 toned,760,763 tone band, 811-7 tone band,812-7, 828 partially stuck flap, Canal Zone 87, Canal Zone A14 stuck flap, Philippines 99 few stains Scan 2 Scan 3 Scan 4 Scan 5$113.00
Literature and Miscellaneous
619Used, VF, some age spotting on coverBartels Catalogue of the Stamped Envelopes and Wrappers of the United States and Possessions. Volume 1, Fifth Edition;1943Est $35.00