Auction 2017A1
Lot #UPSS/ScDescriptionCat. Value
United StatesEnvelopes
1150*Mint addressed with unusual Reese & Bro. cc$75.00
2259-2**VF Mint knife 52 with hand gummed flap$150.00 MB $50
3259aoused to Muncie City, Ind. Ungummed envelope opened at left side$45.00 MB $15
4262a-2**XF, ex. Marcus White$15.00
6272-6oCLARKSVILLE, TENN APR 21 86 cancel; used to Belgium$6.00
7273-5**XF with W.A. Cooper, San Francisco, Cal. Cc$9.00
10275-5**Missing * in wmk variety$12.00
12281boDark blue, used to Gaines, NY with small tear at top$15.00
14285-6**Slight flap separation at corners$17.00
15287-7**Smal barely visible tone spot on front$17.50
16290-7**VF with small natural inclusion at bottom$32.50 MB $11
17293-2**Folded wrapper with a few wrinkles and a small edge tear$60.00
18293c**Previously folded HG wrapper; tiny nick at bottom$15.00
19304**U129 VF, HG$120.00 MB $40
20311**U136 VF Size 7$85.00 MB $28
21312**U136 VF Size 10$85.00 MB $28
22312**U136 Size 10, minimal flap separation$85.00 MB $28
23320**U140 HG$135.00 MB $45
24323**W141 folded with file fold down the center and some flap separation$50.00 MB $16
25324a**VF HG$12.00
26325-5**Natural paper inclusion on backflap, slight flap separation$12.00
27326-6**Mint with printed address$12.00
28334b**VF HG$25.00 MB $8
29336-2**LIBRARIAN OF CONGRESS cc$25.00 MB $8
30338**U146, small pinhole left of indica$225.00 MB $75
31339a**HG Red-Brown with General Return notice$17.50
32340-2**XF with LIBRARIAN OF CONGRESS cc$16.00
33341-2**W148 folded$9.00
34342-5**W148 unfolded$15.00
35347-5**VF$25.00 MB $8
36347-6**Small inclusion on front and flap pinhole$25.00
37349-5**Small pinhole at top; Frank . Hipple cc$20.00
38351**Very slight horizontal bend$110.00 MB $35
39359a**Centennial special printing, lt tone band$500.00 MB $160
40361-2oUsed to Brooklyn, NY$20.00 MB $6
41363**Centennial special printing, lt tone bands, ex. Barkhausen$500.00 MB $160
42365**Centennial special printing, lt tone bands$500.00 MB $160
43368a**Centennial special printing, lt tone bands, few stains$500.00 MB $160
44368c**HG, thin paper, 3rd quality, some flap separation$250.00 MB $80
45371**Centennial special printing, die 56A$500.00 MB $160
46373a**Centennial special printing, thin paper, separated flap$500.00 MB $125
47378**Centennial special printing, small linear stain front and back$500.00 MB $160
48378**Centennial special printing, GR, ex. Barkhausen$500.00 MB $160
49380**Centennial special printing$500.00 MB $160
50383a**Centennial special printing, HG, small piece missing from left side$500.00 MB $160
51390a**Centennial special printing, sl toning at right$500.00 MB $160
52398a**Centennial special printing, HG,taped on back to repair small tear, ex Barkhausen$500.00 MB $160
53403a**Centennial special printing, tone band at right$500.00 MB $160
54410b**Centennial special printing, thin paper, 2 minor mount stains on back$1,500 MB $500
55418-2**GR notice at left$20.00 MB $6
56421-2oused with Waterford, NY cds to St. Louis, MO, with J.M. King & Co. cc$15.00
57426-2**GR notice at left$22.50 MB $7
58429a**HG,ex Barkhausen$18.00 MB $6
59434-2**Lt toning $30.00 MB $10
60436a**Centennial special printing, ex White, part of flap missing$500.00 MB $160
61437-2**GR notice at left$30.00 MB $10
62443-6**GENUNG & TRAPP cc$10.00
63445-6**FISHER & NORRIS cc$10.00
64447-5**GR notice at left$10.00
65447-5oused with Bergenfield, NJ cds to Englewood, NJ$6.00
66453**$35.00 MB $11
67453a**HG, 2 hinge remnants on backflap$22.50 MB $7
68453a**HG, Fargo, Dakota GR$22.50 MB $7
69458a**HG$25.00 MB $8
70463**HG$190.00 MB $60
71470-2**Some flap separation$70.00 MB $23
72474**VF$22.50 MB $7
73474**VF$22.50 MB $7
74475a**HG, GR$22.50 MB $7
75477-5**Mount stain on reverse shows through partially to front$20.00
76479-5**VF$20.00 MB $6
77480A**HG$20.00 MB $6
78481-5**VF$22.00 MB $7
79487-5**Crease lower right corner$50.00 MB $16
80487-5**VF, HL$50.00 MB $16
81488**VF$250.00 MB $80
82489-6**Slight edge wrinkle top right and bottom left$14.00
84490-7**Few tone specks$12.00
85491-7**Light creases at top and lower left$12.00
86492-6**Small paper defect top right corner$12.00
89496-7**Stains across top and bottom$200.00 MB $66
90502**Centennial special printing, lt tone band down center, ex. M. White and Barkhausen$500.00 MB $160
91503**VF$130.00 MB $42
92506-2**HG, Dark red, natural inclusion top left corner$25.00 MB $8
93509-2**Some wrinkles and edge toning, HG$22.50 MB $7
94510-6**Bay National Bank cc, some toning$22.50 MB $7
95511-3**Some flap separation, cc$200.00 MB $60
96512-5**Few wrinkles as usual for size 25, tiny flap separation one corner, HG$25.00 MB $8
97514-2**VF, HG$25.00 MB $8
98514-2**VF, HG, Wunsch backstamp$25.00 MB $8
99516**VF, ex Barkhausen and M. White, misidentified as Centennial on M. White band$40.00 MB $13
100522**Single vertical crease, ex. M. White, HG$25.00 MB $8
101526**Centennial special printing, ex. Barkhausen, small mount stains on reverse at bottom$500.00 MB $160
102530**Centennial special printing,small crease near top$500.00 MB $160
103535**U164, line on front and small wrinkles bottom right$35.00 MB $11
104537-2**Rare knife 28, ex M. White, few tone specks and some flap separation, HG, only 6 reported$2000.00 MB $650
105538a-2**VF, HG, thin paper$200.00 MB $60
106539**HG, 2 pinpoint paper inclusions and a small stain at bottom$85.00 MB $28
107543**VF Size 4 envelope$15.00
108544a**Single pinpoint inclusion, HG$23.00 MB $7
109545-7**Few tone specks$14.00
110546-2**Few wrinkles, lt toning$17.50
111548-5**Small ink notation on backflap corner$14.00
113549**Tiny paper wrinkle top left$14.00
114550**VF$25.00 MB $8
115550**Some tone specks$25.00
116550**HL, VF$25.00 MB $8
117551-7**Lt stain across back$14.00
118552**Tone band and few tone spots, ex. Barkhausen, HG$17.50
119553-2**Few wrinkles, single pinpoint inclusion$15.00
120553-5**Minute bend at top$14.00
122553-6oSEP 23 93 NY cds to Paris France with OCT 1 93 Paris receiving stamp on front; previously folded$11.00
125556**Few natural paper inclusion specks$16.00
127559-2**Small typed numbers "542" at top right corner$20.00
130563-7**Few light bends$17.00
132565**HG, Few wrinkles, stain on front$20.00
133566-2**Few wrinkles, sl. flap separation$15.00
134566-2 var**U190a; Bistre Brown shade; few wrinkles and small natural inclusion$15.00
135566-6**VF with H.E. DEATS cc$15.00
137566-7**Few wrinkles and a small crease at top left$15.00
138569-7**Small abrasion on back$20.00
139569-8**VF; ex Marcus White$150.00 MB $50
140569-8**VF$150.00 MB $50
141570**Olive-Black Indicia; VF$20.00 MB $6
142571**$20.00 MB $6
143572**$20.00 MB $6
144573-7**Few edge wrinkles$20.00 MB $6
145575-7**VF$22.50 MB $7
146575-7 var**U192b; Red-Brown Indicia$22.50 MB $7
147575-8**VF; ex Marcus White with his stamp and signature under the backflap$200.00 MB $66
148576**Lt. edge bend at left$22.50 MB $7
149576a**VF; Olive Black Indicia$32.50 MB $11
150576a**VF: Gray-Black Indicia$32.50 MB $11
151577-7**VF$22.50 MB $7
152579-7**Small bends at lower corners$25.00 MB $8
153580-7**Rare envelope with only 3 reported; ex. Barkhausen; Many stains, wrinkles as well as partial flap separation$2000.00 MB $500
154581**VF$25.00 MB $8
155583**VF$25.00 MB $8
156583**Small internal crease$25.00 MB $8
157584**Red-Brown Indicia; small stain at bottom may be natural inclusion in manila paper$35.00 MB $11
158585-7**GR notice at left$27.50 MB $9
159586-7**VF$30.00 MB $10
160586-7**VF$30.00 MB $10
161587**VF$30.00 MB $10
162587**Pink stain dot on idicia$30.00 MB $10
163587**Single small mount adherence on backflap$30.00 MB $10
164588-7**VF$30.00 MB $10
165590-7**VF$30.00 MB $10
166593**HG, Few tone specks$350.00 MB $115
167597**VF, HG$120.00 MB $40
168599-5**Tone stains across top and bottom, HG$90.00 MB $30
169600**VF, HG$325.00 MB $100
170601**HG, GR, right corner crease and partially separated flap$350.00 MB $115
171601a**Centennial Special Printing, red-orange, GR, few stains, signed Maisel $750.00 MB $250
172604**HG$300.00 MB $100
173605**VF, HG$325.00 MB $105
174607**HG$400.00 MB $130
175608**HG, few barely visible mount stains on back$900.00 MB $300
176613-6**HG, Few light edge stains on back and typical wrinkles seen on size 25 envelopes$120.00 MB $40
177614**VF, HG$200.00 MB $66
178620**Slight disturbed gum on flap$160.00 MB $52
179621**HG, Slight corner flap separation$180.00 MB $60
180627**$220.00 MB $70
181628**Rare envelope with probably 5 or less existing; ex Barkhausen; some toning and slight flap separation$2000.00 MB $650
182630**HG, Type 1, pinpoing inclusion on front$250.00 MB $80
183633a**Centennial Special Printing, GR, signed Maisel, stuck flap$1000.00 MB $330
184634**HG, Type 2, mostly detached backflap with small tear at top$320.00 MB $100
185637**Type 2, small linear stain on front and dg on tip of backflap$300.00 MB $100
186638**Type 2: light stain lines across top and bottom$320.00 MB $100
187640**Type 2, tiny gum stain on back$280.00 MB $90
188641**HG, slight flap separations, only 7 or 8 may exist$1,000.00 MB $330
189642**Small gum stain on back$300.00 MB $100
190643-2**VF$100.00 MB $32
191643-3**VF, GR$80.00 MB $26
192644-3**VF$70.00 MB $23
193644-3**$70.00 MB $23
194646-3**VF$90.00 MB $30
1951362-13**W376 folded with center crease, wrinkles and edge tears$30.00
1961373oUsed to Berlin, Germany$20.00
1972731-29oU530 FDOI$25.00
1983258-3260oU523, 3 envelopes: 3258 NY special event cance,3259 used w/added adhesive,3260 FDOI w/bicolor cachet Scan 2EST $15.00
1993261-3263**/oU524, 3 envelopes: 3261 mint,3262 used w/special event cancel,3263 FDOI with bicolor cachet Scan 2$15.50
2003264oU525, 2 envelopes;one FDOI, one used w/commemorative cachet, the latter with tears from rough opening$8.00
2013268oU525a, June 10,1932 NY cancel to San Francisco$22.50
2023271,3275-6**/oU526 mint, U528 3 envelopes: 3275 FDOI,3276 used, 3276 penalty used Scan 2$28.00
2033723-50oFirst day cover; small bend top right corner$5.00
204E69A-c**10c 1874 Plimpton Entire Essay, Die 69 size 8 knife 38 wmk 7, gray on white$90.00 MB $30
United States Envelope Cut Squares
205254a**Centennial special printing, U108EST $400.00 MB $130
206255a**Centennial special printing, U109EST $425.00 MB $140
207318a**Centennial special printing, U139 full cornerEST $400.00 MB $130
208334a**Centennial special printing, U144EST $400.00 MB $130
209U161**Centennial special printingEST $400.00 MB $130
210U163**Centennial special printingEST $400.00 MB $130
211U164**Centennial special printingEST $400.00 MB $130
212U165**Centennial special printingEST $400.00 MB $130
213U166**Centennial special printingEST $400.00 MB $130
214U198**Centennial special printingEST $560 MB $175
215U218o3c Red Centennial with blue cancel$25.00
216U348-U351**Columbian set of 4, design well centered$41.50
217U523-U528**Washington Bicentennial set of 6, design well centered$26.15
218U530*6c Orange on amber full corner,LH$15.00
219U531*6c Orange on blue full corner,LH$15.00
United States Air Mail Envelopes and Lettersheets
220AM9-30A**UC2 with Pittsfield, Maine cc$14.00
221AM9oFirst flight cover Air Mail Route AM20 Memphis to San Diego$7.00+
222AM9oFirst flight cover Air Mail Route AM33 Monroe, LA to San Diego, CA$7.00+
223AM12-30AoFirst flight cover, Bangor Maine$10.00
224AM12-30AoFirst flight cover, Columbia, SC$10.00
225AM12-30AFDCUC7 FDC$15.00
226AM13-30AFDCUC7 FDC w/ mail clerk signature$37.50
227AM14-33 FDC,AM16-39oUC3: AM14-39 FDOI, AM16-39 used censored mail $19.00
228AM19-39//AM27-39**/oUC4-6; Interesting group: AM19-39 with show cancel ll corner,AM22-39 with show cancel over indica,AM22-39 & AM22-41 mint,AM27-39 used$9.50
229AM20-39oUC3, Malone & Utica RPO 8/24/1951 cancel to Milwaukee, WI, bend lower left corner$250.00
230AM32-38//AM56-41**/oGroup of 6 airmail envelopes including mint UC8 size 10 without clear watermark,AM32-38 used,AM53-39 used,AM53-41 mint,AM54-39 mint,AM56-41 mint$12.75
231AM57-41//62-43**/oUC15/UC18 Group of 4 envelopes:AM 57-41 FDC 9/10/48 APS convention station Denver CO unlisted in UPSS catalog,AM57-41 mint,AM61-43 FDC,AM62-43 used from San Juan Puerto Rico$15.75
232AM67-41oUC 20 first flight cover Alton, IL
233AM71**UC22, minor crease left side$6.00
234AM73-45//95-49**/FDCGroup of 3 mint and 4 FDC envelopes:AM73-45 mint and FDC,AM75-46 mint,AM89-46 mint,AM 91-46 FDC,AM93-47 FDC,AM95-49 FDC$10.25
United States Single Cards
235S1**UX1; Mount adherences near two corners on back$400.00
236S2o2 used UX3, one with SKANEATELES NY cds, the second with an inverted wmk$12.50
237S2oUX3 used to Germany with added 1 c stampEST $75.00
238S2coUX3 inverted watermark$9.00
239S2f-SP23oUX3 ; Big hole variety; used with blue cancel$37.50 MB $20
240S4**UX5; Lt left edge toning$85.00
241S4oUX5 used to Germany from NY 1878EST $38.00
243S5**UX6, Faint linear stain top left$35.00
244S5oUX6; Used to Sweden with "Via England, Closed Mail," marking on front$28.00 MB$15
245S5oUX6 used to Paris, France with Muskegon, Mich Mar 27 97 cds and 7 Avril 97 Paris receiveing stamp$28.00
246S5oUX6 used to Belgium with NY cds & 26 Avril 1895 receiving stamp$28.00
247S6oUX7 used with JUN 17 1882 fancy violet cancelEST $10.00
248S6bo23-teeth vaviety; heavy postmark but teeth clearly visible$62.50 MB $30
249S7**UX8; Slight tone spots on back$57.50
250S7oGroup of 3 used UX8 cards: one to Germany with Altoona PA cds and added postage stamp,second with Hudson, NY cds to brewery, & third with May 4, 1887 Reading PA cds in dark brown shadeEST $15.00
251S8oUX9 used to Switzerland with added and postage stamp and forwarding within SwitzerlandEST $10.00
252S10oUX10 used to London, England with added 1c Columbian stampEST $5.00
255S12oPair of 2 used UX11, first with Pittsburgh, PA Dec 1 1893 cds; second with Feb 4 1893 Tenn cds$7.00
256S14**UX12$45.00 MB $20
258S16oUX13 used to the Netherlands$95.00+
260S17oUX14 used to Germany with added one cent stamp, Hoboken, NJ cds and German receiving stamp; Greater New York Souvenir picture postcard on reverse Scan 2EST $30.00
261S17oUX14 used to Germany with added one cent Trans Mississippi stamp, Cincinnati, OH 1899 cds and Rheinbrohl, Germany receiving stampEST $10.00
263S20oUX16 used to Germany with NY Jan 19, 1904 cds and German receiving stamp$17.50
264S20a**UX16; Missing grommet variety$60.00 MB $30
265S22**UX18; 2 small natural paper inclusions$18.00
266S26oGroup of 3 used UX20, 2 to Germany with added 1 cent postage stamps and one used domesticallyEST $14.00
267S28*UX21 unused with printed address and interesting NY school transfer form on the reverse$18.00
268S28oUX21 used with flag cancel$14.00
269S28oUX21 used$14.00
270S28oUX21 used with Continental Insurance Company of NY receipt on reverse Scan 2$14.00
271S30oUX22 used to Germany with Tacoma, Wash cds and added 1c postage stampEST $7.00
272S30oUX22 used to Germany but without additional postage; 10 centimes postage due assessed on frontEST $10.00
273S32**UX23; Slight crease top left corner$11.00
274S32oUX23 used with NY Public Library notice on back$8.25
275S35Aoused to Germany with Nov 16 1912 Grand Central Station NY cds$17.50
276S35Aoused to Germany with Sept 24 1923 Cambridge Mass cds$17.50
277S35Aoused to Germany with Oct 15 1914 Chicago, ILL cds$17.50 MB $10
278S44-33*UX32 with preprinted front and Philadelphia surcharge$17.00
279S53oUX 37 used to Germany with Dec 16,1939 NY, NY cds$20.00
280S53a,S54A,S54B**/o3 cards: S53a mint,S54A cancelled with Butler, PA mailer's postmark permit,S54B used with Royal Crown advertisement on reverse
281S56oUX39; last day of service for discontinued Ellenton, NC post office with Feb 29, 1952 leap year cancellationEST $10.00
282S57**UX41, 4 cards showing all 4 surcharge types Scan 2$20.00
283S57o2 Used advertising cards Scan 2
284S58*/o2 Advertising cards, one mint,one used Scan 2
285S58-1ERPMar 22, 1952 Wash DC ERP Surcharge type 1 Lincoln head type 2EST $60.00
286S58**UX40, Surcharge type 2 Lincoln head type 2$8.50
287S59**/o2 Cards, one missed and one used with Western Stamp Collector ad on the reverse$8.25
288S61,S63o/FDC3 Cards: S61 with color ad on front,S63 philatelic/advertising precancel,S63 FDOI
289S66A,S66B,S66CFDC/**/o/ERPS66A FDC,S66A used advertising card, S66A precancelled ad,S66B mint, S66C Wash DC ERP$8.95
290S67-S68**/o/FDC6 Cards:S67 mint lt blue,S67 FDC,S68 mint,2 S68 used,S68 FDC$8.45
291S78oUX59 nonphilatelic usage to Romania with Jan 30,1974 cds Scan 2$80.00
292S78oUX59 nonphilatelic usage to Romania with Buffalo, NY 1974 cds and Romania receiving stamp Scan 2$80.00
293S78FDCUX59 FDC with LUPOSTA cachet$10.00
294S82FDCGroup of 5 different UX65 First day cancels including Wash, DC, Springfield, MA and Manchester, CT Scan 2$5.50
295S83,S93-S95**/o/FDC8 Cards: S83b mint,S83a FDC,S93 mint, S93 used to Italy but returned for postage,S94 mint & used,S95 mint & FDC$6.10
296S84oNon philatelic usage to Germany Scan 2$50.00
297S84oNon philatelic usage to Germany with 10 cents added postage Scan 2$50.00
298S103,S123FDCUX86 & UX107 FDC with Colorano "silk" cachetsEST $6.00
299S105-S114**/FDCGroup lot of 20: 10 mint and 10 FDC$14.50
300S115-S124**/FDC/oGroup lot of 22: 10 mint and 10 FDC; S117 used to Italy;S123b-1 Cupex 87 cachet$17.20
301S123oNon philatelic usage to Germany Scan 2$35.00
302S125-S136**/FDC/oGroup of 27: 12 mint and 12 FDC; S127b najubria cachet,S134a used to Italy,S134b Philatelia'87 cachet,with small stain on front$26.35
303S139oUX122 non philatelic usage to Germany Scan 2$30.00
304S139-S152**/FDCGroup of 28 cards: 14 mint and 14 FDC$21.10
305S153-S156,S158-S166**/FDCGroup of 28 cards: 13 mint, 13 FDC,S166 2 used$27.55
306S157**Unfolded sheetlet$16.00
307S157**/FDC2 Unfolded sheetlets, one mint and one FDC$25.00
308S169oNon philatelic usage to Germany with 5 cent meter added to uprate Scan 2$22.50
309S169oNon philatelic usage to Germany with 20 cent meter added to uprate Scan 2$22.50
310S191a-S210a**Banded set of 20 cards (UX178-UX197)$22.00
311S191a-S210aFDCSet of 20 FDC, Laramie WY,no band$28.00
312S213a-S232aFDCBanded set of 20 First Day cards w/UPSS cachet$30.00
313S234a-S253a**Banded set of 20 mint cards$50.00
314S255a-S274a**Mint booklet of 20 cards in original sealed plastic (UX261a)$55.00
315S255a-S274a**Mint booklet of 20 cards in original sealed plastic (UX261a)$55.00; MB $15
316S255a-S274aFDCBooklet of 20 FDC$30.00
317S292a-S292d,S292aa-S292da**/FDC2 Unfolded sheetlets, one mint and one FDC$20.00
318S292ea-S292ha**Unfolded sheetlet of 4, the rarer reverse side artwork$28.00
319S294a**Booklet of 10 cards in original sealed package (UX281a)$12.00
320S294a**Booklet of 10 cards (UX281a)$12.00
321S304a**Booklet of 10 cards (UX291a)$13.50
322S306a-S309a**Booklet of 20 cards in original sealed package (UX296A)$20.00; MB $10
323S310a**Booklet of 10 cards in original sealed package (UX287a)$11.50
324S310a**Booklet of 10 cards (UX287a)$11.50
325S313a**2 Unfolded mint sheetlets of 4$10.00
326S317a**Booklet of 10 cards in original sealed package (UX304a)$13.00
327S317a**Booklet of 10 cards (UX304a)$13.00
328S321a-S325a**Booklet of 20 cards in original sealed package (UX311a)$27.00; MB $10
329S329a**Booklet of 10 cards in original sealed package (UX315a)$13.50
330S390a**Booklet of 10 cards in original sealed package (UX376a)$14.50
331S400a-S403a**5 Sheetlets of 4 cards in original sealed package (UX389a)$28.00; MB $10
332S404a-S408a**Booklet of 20 cards in original sealed package (UX394a)$25.00; MB $10
333S425a-S434a**Booklet of 20 cards in original sealed package (UX420a)$25.00; MB $10
334S435a-S449a**Booklet of 20 cards in original sealed package (UX435a)$30.00; MB $10
335S450a-S453a**Booklet of 20 cards in original sealed package (UX439a)$22.50; MB $10
336S454a-S458a**Booklet of 20 cards in original sealed package (UX444a)$22.50; MB $10
337S459a-S462a**Booklet of 20 cards in original sealed package (UX448a)$22.50; MB $10
338S464a-S467a**Booklet of 20 cards in original sealed package (UX453a)$22.50; MB $10
339S468a-S471a**Booklet of 20 cards in original sealed package (UX457a)$25.00; MB $10
340S553a-S562a**Packages of 10 sheetlets with 2 cards per sheetlet n original sealed package (UX540a-UX548a)$22.50; MB $10
341S14//S127b**/oBalance of postcard consignment with 15 postal cards: S14 used to Germany,S35B mint,S40 used,2 S42 used one of them to Germany with advertisement on back,S53 mint,2 S54A used to Germany, S54 used to Switzerland, S66,S73 & S92 used to Germany, S96 used, S125 used to Netherlands, & mint S127 najubria Scan 2 Scan 3 Scan 4 Scan 5EST $35.00
United States Message Reply Cards
342MR1 sep 1*UY1 mint folded, small bend at corner of reply card and light internal crease$43.50
343MR1 sep 1*UY1 mint folded but with many creases on message half$43.50
344MR3 sep 1* UY2 mint folded$22.00
345M12*UY6 Messsage card with preprinted back$12.00
346R12*UY6 Reply card with preprinted address and back$10.50
United States Air Mail Cards
347SA1oUXC1 Helicopter first flight coverEST $10.00
348SA3,SA3c1**/o/FDCUXC3, 3 cards, one mint & one used SA3, FDC of SA3c1 with thinned dividing line at top with small crease upper left corner$12.50
349SA5aoNonphilatelic usage to Germany with Sep 22, 1966 Milwaukee, WIS cds Scan 2$40.00
350SA5aoPhilatelic? usage to Germany with Oct 19 1966 Chicago, ILL cds Scan 2$40.00 for nonphilatelic use
351SA5aoNonphilatelic usage to Germany but after rate increased to 13 cents requiring additional 2 cent postage stamp Scan 2
352SA8oUXC8 nonphilatelic usage to Germany with SEP 21 1970 Floral Park, NY cds Scan 2$40.00
353SA11oUXC11 Nonphilatelic usage to Germany with SEP 1972 Urbana, IL cds Scan 2$55.00
354SA11oUXC11 Nonphilatelic use to Germany with May 16, 1973 Philadelphia, PA cds Scan 2$55.00
355SA11oUXC11 Nonphilatelic use to Romania with Jan 9, 1974 Buffalo, NY cds Scan 2$55.00
356SA11FDCUXC11 FDOI with LUPOSTA cachet$10.00
357SA11FDCUXC11 FDOI with LUPOSTA cachet$10.00
358SA11FDCUXC11 FDOI with LUPOSTA cachet$10.00
359SA12oUXC13 Nonphilatelic usage to Germany with Aug 17 1972 Santa Monica CAL. Cds$75.00
360SA12oUXC13 Nonphilatelic usage to Germany with Aug 14 1972 Los Angeles CAL. Cds$75.00
361SA14boUXC15 Nonphilatelic use to Germany Scan 2$40.00
362SA14boUXC15 Nonphilatelic use to Germany Scan 2$40.00
363SA15oUXC16 Nonphilatelic usage to France Scan 2$38.00
364SA15oUXC16 used to Belgium advertising postal cover mail auction sales on back Scan 2$38.00 for nonphilatelic use
365SA15oUXC16 used to Austria requesting info from philatelic agency Scan 2$38.00 for nonphilatelic use
366SA16oUXC17 Nonphilatelic usage to Germany Scan 2$40.00
367SA17oUXC19 Nonphilatelic usage to Germany with what appears to be a sweepstakes entry on the back and APR 9 1982 New York cds Scan 2$27.50
368SA17oUXC19 Nonphilatelic usage to Germany with what appears to be a sweepstakes entry on the back and APR 23 1982 New York cds Scan 2$27.50
369SA19oUXC20 Nonphilatelic use to Lichtenstein with Nov 4, 1983 Philadelphia, PA cds Scan 2$32.50
370SA19oUXC20 Nonphilatelic use to Germany with Nov 4, 1984 Los Angeles, CA cds Scan 2$32.50
371SA20oUXC21 Nonphilatelic use to Poland Scan 2$32.00
372SA21oUXC22 Nonphilatelic usage to Germany with Feb 10, 1988 Houston, TX cds Scan 2$30.00
373SA21oUXC22 Nonphilatelic usage to Sweden with Nov 23, 1987 Philadelphia, PA cds Scan 2$30.00
374SA23aoUXC24 used to the Netherlands with information about a stamp auction on the back Scan 2$28.00 for nonphilatelic use
375SA25oUX219A Nonphilatelic usage to Germany reporting vacation dates on the back with JUN 30 1997 Kilmarnock, VA cds Scan 2$15.00
376SA25oUX219A Nonphilatelic usage to Germany reporting vacation dates on the back with AUG 12 1997 Kilmarnock, VA cds Scan 2$15.00
377SA4a//SA24*/oBalance of consignment with 10 cards;SA4a,SA9,SA10, all used to Germany,SA16 & SA19 philatelic use to Germany,SA22 used to Germany (philatelic?),2XSA22b mint, SA23 used,SA24 used (philalelic ?) Scan 2 Scan 3EST. $15+
378SA1//SA23**/OfdcGroup of 27 airmail cards:SA1 FDC,SA4 mint & used,SA13-22 mint & FDC,SA22b mint,SA23a mint & FDC,SA23c mint Scan 2 Scan 3$34.25
United States Official Cards
United States Exposition Cards
380EX14**U.S. Naval Exhibit, small crease lower left and some tonng$85.00
381EX73**Mines and Mining Building, some toning on card face$50.00
Possession Canal Zone
38254-46**/oU17 - 2 envelopes: 1 mint, 1 First Day Cover$9.00
Possession Cuba
384S1a**UX1; no period after c$100.00
Possession Hawaii
Possession Puerto Rico
38613**Wrinkled corner around indica with small tear$50.00
Literature and Miscellaneous
387United States Postal Card Catalog 1955 editionEST $20.00
388American Air Mail Catalog of Air Letter Sheets 1955 edition covering US and the worldEST $20.00
389United States Stamped Envelope Scott Publications 4th ed 1951; minor vertical foldEst $5.00
390Vermont Postal History Pamphlet #1 by George C. Slawson 1959Est $5.00